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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Semi big change for me

Today, I got my hair cut.  To some it's no big deal to change hairstyles often, but to me it's huge.  I got about 10 inches cut off.  At first I wanted to cry because I told the lady I only wanted 5 inches cut.  But, I have accepted it and it's will grow.  I finally got all the split ends and old color and layers cut off.  My hair feels much healthier now.  It is too short to wear in a bun (which was my hairstyle of, but now I will wear my hair down a lot more (because it won't be a tangled mess after 5 minutes).

I also started going back to the gym this week.  I took about 3 weeks off because it wasn't convenient for me to go when Elexis was out of school.  I was pretty proud of myself for running a mile and a quarter on my first cardio day back.  My arms, legs and abs are all really sore from what I put them through, but its a good sore.  I am anxious to run tomorrow with my shorter hair, maybe it finally won't look like I just 80's teased my
You can kind of see how long my hair is here.  I kept it up most of the time because it was so long. 

Much shorter.  I suck at taking self pictures.  It looks a lot less stringy though.  

I got my car into the estimator today and I take it for a second one, where I am actually getting the work done, later this afternoon.  I am brand new to all this process so it's a little intimidating to me.  My minor fender bender is over $1000 (thank God for insurance).  I'm glad it wasn't anything more than that.  While we have it in the shop we are going to get some hail damage fixed and my windshield replaced (it has been cracked since the first year I had my car).  I am just ready to put it all behind me.  Car repairs suck!

From the orange light just below the corner of the headlight over to the black rim on my car.  There is a small crack and a small dent.  :(

My menu plan last week went awesome.  I only had to tweak a couple of nights, but I still made all I planned except one meal because we had some unexpected plans come up.  So far, it has saved me a ton at the grocery store.  And, it helps that I am now tracking every penny I spend.  I am going to do a separate post on my menu from last week and my new one for this week.

I have been a little MIA this past couple of weeks, because of the school musical.  I made one of the dresses and the girl LOVES it.  Her mom couldn't believe I made it (I told her to not look at it too close...haha!).  I can say that it was the best zipper I ever put in and I am no longer intimidated by them.

We also switched our cable and internet provider.  Man, what a pain the butt.  We finally got everything settled after countless phone calls and three different service men out to the house.  Now I just need to watch the rest of my shows on our old DVR and get everything set up to record on our new DVR then we can cancel the old one.

I have missed all of you and can't wait until I blog regularly again.  So again, I will be posting a crap ton on your blogs.  I would like to find another daily challenge, my life is too boring to blog about everyday without one...


  1. Your hair looks awesome. And it is still LONG. You can probably get it up in a bun. Harley likes her long hair...I don't know why. She always wears a bun. Busy, busy woman.

  2. OMG You look so cute with your new hair!! You were cute before, but yeah it looks a lot healthier now. ^_^ If you feel like you absolutely have to put it in a bun (for old time's sake) you could do a sock bun.

  3. Your hair is awesome! Sorry about the car hassle. I'd be intimidated, too.


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