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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oklahoma Firefighter's Museum

I went to the Oklahoma Firefighter's Museum on Friday.  I pass by it all the time when I go to the zoo, so I decided to stop in and visit it.  I want to do that with more museums in my city.  It was quite interesting.  I saw the evolution of the fireman suit and definite evolution of the fire trucks (even from when they started out as wagons).  I learned that the dalmatian is associated with firehouses because they are the most in tune with horses (way back in the day of horse drawn).  And they are not particularly friendly dogs (sorry 101 Dalmatian fans), so they would run ahead to clear the street.  The museum is ran by current firefighters.  The day I went was a great day.  My fireman was HOT!  He was great to talk to as well.  Turns out his grandpa was a fireman at the station right around the corner from my house and his mom teaches at the high school my daughter will be going to.  He is a fireman in Moore (where the tornado happened).  He said that 99% of his calls are first response calls and not house fires.  He has been a firefighter for two years and has gone to three house fires.  I really learned a lot and I am definitely glad I went.  Here are some pictures of my adventure.  Oh, and I was a hot sweaty mess from just walking three miles at the zoo, so the air conditioning felt great.

These are a few of my favorites.


  1. That's a great museum to visit. Did you get a chance to see the memorial outside?

  2. OOOoooooh *fans self* I always feel a bit conflicted since I have kind of a thing for firefighters myself (Aaron has to watch me when we catch them at the grocery store), but my grandpa was a volunteer fireman up in New Jersey. Little weird. I have his old fire helmet, though. Awesome piece of history. He used to drive the big yellow water truck because Franklin Lakes didn't have hydrants everywhere. Used to love going to the firehouse with him. Everyone was so nice! And we'd get free Klondike bars. LOL

    1. How fun! I would love to do that! Firemen are HOT!


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