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Monday, September 23, 2013

It has certainly been a Monday...

I very rarely have "Mondays".  You know the day that seems stacked against you.  Today, I had a Monday!  It started with me turning my alarm off and sleeping until 5 minutes past when I normally leave to take Elexis to school.  I got her up and ready and out the door in 7 minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  She was not late for school which was a big bonus.

The rest of my day pretty uneventful.  I went and played dominos with Granny.  Got caught up on all my elderly population gossip (not from her, but others around her).  I went to the gym and the grocery store.  I did get stuck behind the lady in the express 15 items or less lane who had an entire basket full of stuff (yeah, slightly annoyed by that).  Picked Elexis up from school.

On Monday evenings; she has an extra orchestra (besides the honor orchestra she just got in to).  It's across the city so we usually leave the house 45 minutes to an hour early.  She has to be there by 5:45.  We are usually there by 5:25 if we leave at 4:50.  Well today I missed my first big deal there are several streets that I could turn on to get me to the same place.  Well, the next street I decided to turn.  Big mistake.  I got caught by the train crossing.  A slow moving train comes through, and it gets slower, and slower and finally stops!  Right in the middle of the road.  I am still in my groove because I knew we left in plenty of time.  Well the train started backing up...ahhh!!  Finally it gets off the road and we can pass.  I turn down the street I needed to be on that would take me all the way to the school.  We go another mile and I am noticing 3 helicopters hovering a little further ahead of me.  I knew they were news choppers and I commented to Elexis that something big must have happened.  Yep, something big happened all right, another mile and I happen upon a really big wreck involving an empty school bus and I am guessing some other cars.  Well of course there is a huge line of traffic, it's 5 o'clock.  Luckily, I am going the opposite direction of the traffic.  But, I was diverted to a different road which would take me 2 miles out of my way.  Still no big deal, except I get behind the sllllowwwwest driver ever!  I swear we went 10 miles per hour down the entire two miles.  So finally I get around her and I happen to turn around and look in the back seat...where the cello should be.  So I ask Elexis, "Um, did you forget something important??"  She forgot her cello at home!!  She was trying to get her math finished and forgot her cello.  I had to turn around and go get the cello.  She cannot miss these rehearsals because after two absences she will be kicked out of the orchestra and we already paid the fees.  I haul some serious booty home.  I mean I am weaving and breaking all kinds of speed limits.  My hour window is now 25 minutes.  She runs in and grabs the cello and I take the interstate (which is kind of out of my way) to the college.  She made it at 5:45 on the dot!  I couldn't believe it.  Did I break a few traffic laws to do it?  Yes, I did and I am darn lucky there were no cops, but I knew a lot of them were at the wreck with the school bus.  Elexis had a good rehearsal.

After rehearsal, Elexis was extremely thirsty so we decided to stop at a gas station to get something to drink.  We were talking about how weird the day has been and I totally almost walked out of the store without paying for my drink.  Elexis was like "mom, are you going to pay for that??"  The cashier laughed because she had heard our conversation about the day.  After I got finished paying another one of the workers heard everything too and he looks down at my feet and says, "your shoes are tied together".  I was wearing flip flops.  Did I look?? Yes!  Did he laugh?  Yes.  Did I have a good story?  Yes!

Wake me when it is Tuesday.  I don't trust myself around any heavy machinery today...haha!

Here are a couple of pictures.  Oh, and my husband was on CNBC today.  He is at a conference and they happened to be filming live.
My husband is the one in sunglasses.  He waved to me in another shot.  I DVRed it for him. 

That would be the stopped train.

The wreck involving the bus.  


  1. WOW what a day! Maybe this should make me glad that I mostly stay home

    1. I like days that I can mostly stay home. Sometimes just the pickup line at school is insane.

  2. WOW what a day! Maybe this should make me glad that I mostly stay home

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, yes I am. The rest of the week went much better.

  4. My goodness do I know those days. -_- Glad it's finally over. Hopefully things can be uneventful for a while.

    1. The rest of the week went smoothly. I am glad because I was a single parent this week.


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