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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am busy this week editing pictures that I took last Thursday and Friday.  I am slowly gaining confidence in myself in shooting people (haha...always fun to drop in a sentence).  Last Thursday, I took pictures of a Senior boy.  His mom said that he would probably tolerate about 30 minutes.  I was finished in about 35.  I got some really good shots and I had a great time editing.  His daughter (yes, you read that correctly...he has a 5 month old daughter) is absolutely adorable.  I could eat her with a spoon she was sooo cute.  It almost made we want another one.  Here are a couple from that session.

On Friday I took pictures of one of my most favorite families ever!  These people are my family without being blood.  A little story how I met these people:  I answered an ad on Craigslist for voice lessons for Elexis.  It was the only ad she ever placed and I am the only normal person to have answered the ad.  The first few lessons, we clicked.  Her youngest KK hid in the pillows the first month or two.  Now the kid throws herself at us as soon as we walk in the door.  Elexis takes piano and voice from her and then we hang out with them (often eating dinner) for a few hours every Thursday.  Her husband is in dental school, so I get to ask him a lot of questions regarding teeth when I have them.  The girls call me Aunt Cristy or Elexis' mom (which is what they called me for two years).  I am so happy these pictures turned out the way they did.  I got some great candid shots that turned out to be my favorite.  They are a gorgeous family.

I finished off Friday evening with taking pictures of my beautiful cousin as she won Homecoming Queen!  I am so stinkin proud of her!  She and her sister are my favorite cousins.  I get to take her first set of Senior pictures in the next coming weeks.  I will take more in the Winter and Spring.  I guess that is one of the benefits she gets for having her cousin as a photographer.  

Her awesome boots she wore with her dress.

Other than that, it's been a pretty slow week.  I have gotten tons of housework done (for once).  I even went through our lost sock box and matched about 25 pairs of socks.  I still have about 25 unpaired in there.  I would like to know where all the socks go....


  1. Your shooting of people is wonderful! I wished I lived closer. You could photograph us. We NEVER had a family photo taken with my sons (not professionally) and I have always regretted it! Glad to see you posting!

    1. I would love to take pictures of you and your boys. One of these days I will get up there and take pictures of your family. Love you Paula. Thanks.

  2. Wow you are good! These are gorgeous photographs!

    1. Thank you....I truly appreciate that.


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