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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My cat

I appear to be fairly obsessed with taking pictures of my cat.  I can't help it.  She sits for me longer than the kid or the dogs.  She doesn't mind that I stick the camera 3 inches from her face.  She is a very photogenic kitty.  I am sure people are tired of my cat pictures all over Facebook and Instagram, so I guess I will do a blog post full of the beautiful pictures of Cherrie.

A little back story on Cherrie.  A year and couple of months ago, my darling daughter, E, was at her Nana's.  My mom lives out in the country and has a few feral cats.  One of the cats had kittens.  There were only two kittens to be found.  Well, my child decided to sit out some milk and wait for one of these little baby kittens.  After some time, this little furrball came out to get some milk and E grabs her.  She takes her inside and bathes her because furrball is covered in fleas.  E then calls us and begs to bring this kitten home.  We already had a 16 year old cat at home that didn't take kindly to new pets.  After much pleading to her dad (I was an easy sell), he caved.  We told E that furrball would have to be completely flea free before coming home.  My mom kept her at her house for about 3 weeks and bathed her a lot.  E decided to name her Cherrie from a series of books that she reads.  So this is how Cherrie came to live with her family.  My dear 16 year old cat (who I have had since she was 6 weeks old) passed away in December, just 2 months after we got Cherrie.  Cherrie helped me through the loss.

Cherrie is a little spitfire.  She is very curious, very playful and it sooo entertaining.  She plays fetch with anything.  She loves the dogs.  She also loves dog treats and will sit with the dogs when the package comes out.  She doesn't like cups to be upright and will knock anything she can onto the floor. We love this little wall climbing cat.  Now for some pictures.

Baby Cherrie - 6 weeks old


  1. AW!! So cute. My mother-in-law says that strays/ferals seek people out specifically. Perhaps she knew you were going to need her. Or maybe she's just a little ham who wanted her picture taken a lot. ;)

    1. She did know I needed her. I am still her human. Elexis may have brought her home, but she saved me. I love this cat!!


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