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Friday, January 25, 2013

Motivation and Goals

I am a procrastinator.  It is something I am trying to change.  I am also messy, something else I am trying to change.  So, I feel if I post my goals for people to read it will give me motivation to get done.

My number one goal is to get back to a daily devotion.  I haven't done this in a while and I feel it will help all other aspects of my life if I get this under control.  I am on the look out for a good women's devotion.

Number 2: Finish getting my house organized.  My living room still needs to be painted, but I have decluttered and purged a lot of stuff.  Now, it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to pick up.  After I finished making costumes for this last production, there was stuff everywhere.  My next room is our computer room.  This room is overwhelming.  There is so much stuff I need to get rid of.  My husband spends a lot of time in this room.  I guess it's his "nerd-cave" (I would say man cave but it has a ton of my stuff in it, and its not used to watch sports, mainly to play video games and study stocks).  I would like to get rid of our giant desk in there, but I would need to get a book shelf and bigger filing cabinet to replace it.  I am giving myself a couple of weeks (procrastination).

Number 3: Join a gym.  I have been walking/running, zumba (at home on the wii), and doing Jillian Michaels since October.  All of these things have helped me start to change the shape of my body, but I think I need more.  Plus, I don't want to get bored.  My problem is once I get to the gym, I am not entirely sure what to do.  I will probably need a trainer for the first couple of weeks.  I am ready to build muscle and tone what I have.  I don't want to lose anymore weight though.

Number 4:  Work on my photography.  I want to start selling prints.  I am not quite sure how to get my work out there for purchase.  As soon as the weather gets warmer, I am taking my new camera out and get lost in my own city and just shoot.  As soon as I learn how, I will post a link to my photography website.

So there are a few of my goals.  I will keep progress on how I do.  Heck, I still haven't made the NY Times chocolate chip cooks.  Procrastination sucks!!


  1. hehehe posting my goals usually turns me into a big ol' public liar. ;) I know there are tons of websites that you can sell prints from. Kind of exciting I'll find out how well you did on your goals soon. Kinda like reading a book.

    1. Yay, I finally accomplished #3. Now to just use it. Other than that, I am a big ol' public liar! :D I love reading blogs like books. Except the chapters keep going.

    2. LMAO! I end up being a big ol' liar on my blog, too. I don't think anybody really notices, but I've been trying to do better about that. ;)


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