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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Strong Woman

I took a blog hiatus because my life got flipped upside down.  Things are now settling down and I feel I can talk about them.  I blogged about my dad passing away on March 1.  April is always a busy month for me anyway because of Elexis' birthday, being a test monitor, Easter and such.  On April 24, my mom got another shock.  She got a call from her neighbor while she was at work.  Her neighbor told her that her house was on fire and the fire department had been called.  My mom lived out in the country.  It's not exactly down the street from the nearest fire department.  By the time my mom got home, her entire back deck was gone (where the fire started) and her kitchen was gone.  Half the living room was close to being gone.  The fireman asked her what the most important thing she wanted out of there and she said she wanted my dad (he had been cremated).  My mom broke down when the fireman brought him and his hat and glasses he always wore to her.  Her house was a total loss.  What didn't get destroyed by the fire, was destroyed by the smoke and water and fireman having to find the hotspots.  She lost both of her cats in the fire.  Luckily, her dog was outside and was spared.  Had my dad still been alive, he probably would have died in the fire.  His spot was on fire.  He was on full time oxygen and the tanks had just gotten picked up the week before the fire.

I tell you this because my definition of a strong woman has been redefined.  I have always known my mom was a strong person, but God really has put her to the test.  First her husband, then their house they had moved into the second year of their marriage.  My mom has continued putting one foot in front of the other.  I am very proud of the person she is.  She came to stay with me after the fire.  Together we had to inventory (from memory) all the contents of her house.  We have dealt with the insurance company (which was awesome, very quick to respond and issue checks).  We have made decisions on what she should do whether it be rebuild out there or move closer to the city.  She ultimately made the decision to move closer to the city (we planned on getting her house and land ready to sell by October anyway).  We have looked at houses and ultimately buy one.  She now lives a mile from me.  I know my mom needs me and I am very happy to be there for her.  She is now making a new normal.

My mom and dad had an annual party.  Sometimes it was in July (for my anniversary on July 4th) and sometimes in August for my dad's birthday.  Yesterday, three weeks after she moved into her house, we held her annual party.  Her new house had an ice cream bar in half of the garage so that played a huge part in the party.  I am very happy to see her enjoy something.  We celebrated her new house, my dad's memorial, and my nephew's birthday (my brother is down from New York).  We had about 40 people over to the house and had an awesome time.

My mom is going to be okay.  She is going to have bad days, good days and days she doesn't even want to get out of bed.  But, she will because she is a strong woman and I am proud to be her daughter.

On a side note: Another very strong woman I know, Paula, is being put to the test right now.  I just want her to know I am thinking about her and praying for and all her family.
My mom and her sisters, brother and sister in law

My best friend of 25 years, my mom and me.

The ice cream bar.  


  1. It is always inspiring to see how strong people can be. So sad about the cats. :( Very glad she decided to move closer to you, though. I'm sure that will give you both a little peace of mind. *HUGS*

  2. Sending much love your way! Glad you're re-entering the bloggerhood.

  3. How awesome to have an ice-cream bar in your garage. Welcome back friend. I have missed you so much. And I don't know that I am all that strong. Just love the one I am caring for and waiting for my turn to fall apart....I know it is coming!!!


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